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The benefits of our natural brine

Since the antiquity, salt water has been valued for its healing properties: especially when it will be heated to a temperature of 33 degrees Celsius. As invariably our practice, salt water is known to have a very favourable to excellent curative effect on the following diseases and disorders:
  1. Diseases of the skeleton, sustentacular tissue and locomotor system:

    a) rheumatic spectrum disorders: arthropathies, osteochon-dritis/spondylosis, "slipped disk", chronic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, soft tissue rheumatism;

    b) mechanical impairments: locomotor impairments following injuries, also Sudeck syndrome; post-operative treatment following orthopaedic surgery and neurosurgery (e.g. prolapsed intervertebral disc).

  2. Metabolic disorders: obesity
  3. Gynecological disorders: sub-chronic inflammation of the pelvic organs, menstrual disorders, primary infertility, climacteric complaints.
  4. Diseases of the heart and circulatory organs: blood pressure control disorders, arterial and venous circulatory disorders; nervous and functional cardio-vascular disorders.
  5. Diseases of the respiratory organs: sub-acute and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract and the bronchia.
  6. Degenerative and ageing disorders: stress syndromes and "manager burn-out".



Dr. med. R. Menath, Mörel, specialist for general medicine FMH
Dr. med. P. Heinzen, Brig, homeopath
Consiliary cooperation with specialist in surgery orthopedy, earmedecine, gynecology, rheumatology.


Simon Camenzind, dipl. Physiotherapeut.
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