arthropathies, arthritis, rheumatism
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The brine spa in Breiten

arthropathies, arthritis, rheumatism
arthropathies, arthritis, rheumatism
In Breiten we use brine from Schweizerhalle in a concentration of appro. 10 % (3 % salt and mineral concentration, which is about the same as in the Mediterian Sea) for our saline spa. On the banks of the 'primeval sea' under the influence of wind and sun, in secluded parts of the ocean, the salt crystalises, slowly sets and over millions of years leaves behind large deposits of salt and minerals. The same process took millions of years ago in our region to large salt and mineral deposits that are over one hundred years of exploitation by the Swiss Rhine Salt Works in Rhyburg (Schweizerhalle). The salt left lying in the ocean at depths between 140 and 400 metres is naturally turned into brine. This fluid is pumped to the surface of the ocean and is regularly delivered in lage tanks to us in Breiten.

Which components are in our natural brine?

Sodium chloride  NaCl 300-310g/l
Calcium sulfate  CaSO4 4 - 4,2 g/l
Magnesium sulfate  MgSO4 0,1 - 0,2 g/l
Potassium chloride  KCl  40 mg/l
Strontium chloride  SrCl2 40 mg/l
Boric acid  H3BO3 ca. 35 mg/l
Sodium bromide  NaBr 6 mg/l
Ammonium chloride  NH4Cl ca. 3 mg/l
Lithium chloride  LiCl 1 - 2 mg/l

arthropathies, arthritis, rheumatism
In addition are tracks of: iron (Fe''/Fe'''), aluminium (Al'''), silicic acid (SiO3''), carbonic acid (CO3''). The specific weight amounts to 1,207 with 15° C.



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Free day plates!
Free day plates!

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